About US

Our Ayurvedic Herbal Raw material Products have a legacy of over 40 years, with the objective of sale of genuine 100% pure herbal raw material, high quality Ayurvedic. Our company supplies these products to Wholesalers, Retailers, Consumers and Ayurvedic Herbal manufacturing companies. Our quality of products with affordable prices to our customers provides us with encouragement. In early 1981, Late Mr. Ranveer Singh had started Ayurvedic organic farming. Now we provide varieties of raw material products to our customers under the registered firm of Mohit Enterprises. Here you can order us any quantity as per your requirement and it is our ultimate duty to deliver the product to the customer within the given time.Our Products are the most famous and requesting Ayurvedic items in the commercial center.

 Our image offers items for sicknesses, skincare, and individual consideration, and other medical problems also. Our organization is serving great quality Ayurvedic items in the commercial center that are exceptionally solid. That is the primary explanation we are extremely mainstream for setting up the best therapeutic details produced using our raw material products and that could assist with boosting better supplements for a solid body. Our image is one of the most respected and believed Ayurvedic organizations that offer a phenomenal scope of natural consideration drugs for quicker mending with extreme outcomes. We likewise convey an amazing and wide scope of Ayurvedic items in the market to meet individuals' prerequisites.

Objective: The only objective of my company is to provide Ayurvedic and herbal products to every living being in the world so that they can use it everyday in their daily life.
Mission: To make people aware of Ayurvedic products and provide them highest quality products with affordable price.
Vision: To make our product reach every customer so that they can become aware with Ayurveda in today's era to make a better life for themselves.
Values: ❖ Endeavour to create a win-win situation in all dealings
❖ Highest quality products the only way to survive in the market
❖ customer satisfaction is the most important in our business
❖ To make the customer aware of nature and ayurvedic
❖ No compromise to quality and safety of consumer’s health is a promise here.